Tuesday 15 November 2011

'Three Ships' and a Beech

Galanthus plicatus subsp. byzantinus 'Three Ships'
Last year I reported on the unwontedly early blooming of Galanthus plicatus subsp. byzantinus 'Three Ships', on 18 November. This year they are even earlier, presumably 'popping' over the weekend, perhaps in Sunday's lovely sunshine. These are part of the Colesbourne Park clump, in a cosy south-facing spot, but they are also at a similar stage here in the cottage garden, facing north and under old hellebore leaves. (They are no longer under old hellebore leaves.) As the weather forecast promised, today is also bright and sunny, but much cooler - though there is no indication of any significant cold to come for the week ahead.

Beech, Fagus sylvatica, at Colesbourne Park.


  1. Amazing to see Galanthus bloom at this time of year, especially for a Dane. However, weather has been different the past years, and it´s rather unusual for this season. I myself have a Rhododendron `Mrs.Furnivall´. Until the weekend it had two large buds, now they´re in full bloom.
    Lovely photo of the beech.

  2. With global warming afflicting our planet, it’s no wonder that the world of flora gets confused and blooms appear when they are least expected.

    I, for instance, have several Sun Flowers in full bloom at the moment and that hasn’t happened in the past.

  3. Not a sign of even a snout of G. 'Three Ships' here but G. elwesii 'Barnes' has flowered and are obviously considered delectable by the slug population as they all look so tatty.


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