Tuesday 9 August 2011

Strong colours

Monardella macrantha subsp. hallii - a brilliant western American alpine, pollinated by hummingbirds
  All in the cottage garden this evening.

Achillea 'Pomegranate' - I think this is a splendid plant, just hope it's going to perennate well.
Calceolaria 'Kentish Hero': a tender shrublet, but well worth the trouble of propagating and keeping through the winter.

Allium wallichii is supposed to be tender but is thriving here.

Hemerocallis 'Broadway Night': I think this is not quite the right colour, but it's a nice dusky red.


  1. Great colors! I really love that Monardella - Is it very fickle?

  2. Your Monardella is much more vermilion than our Suncrest Nursery clone ('Mariah Sampson' I believe it is): must exchange hostages. Or germplasm as the case may be. The Allium is to die for: Himalayan I presume. Your blog is a must read.

  3. I've found Achillea to be tough as nails in USA zone 5b outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I love the plant - think it's the best color out of the entire lot. Living in upstate New York now. In the first summer, it appears to be thriving.

    Lovely Monardella!

  4. My Achillea seem to be as tough as old boots here in Malvern - in fact there is at least one I would like killed of but it wont go

  5. @ College Gardener: Monardella needs classic alpine conditions: full sun,.peect drainage. Waiting & seeing for its long-term success.

    @ Panayoti: will save seed, if it sets...

    @ Michael & PG: some of the Achillea selections are sadly short-lived, and I'm concerned that these plants of 'Pomegranate' are not making obvious basal vegetative growth.

    @ PG: try Round-up...


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