Monday, 1 August 2011

Looking forward - and back

Tulipa 'Absalom' (1780)

Tulip bulbs drying
Last year I splashed out and bought some rather expensive bulbs of historic tulips, which I grew in big pots and enjoyed outside the door in April and May. At the weekend, needing the pots, and mindful that tulips like a warm dry summer rest, I tipped them out and set the bulbs out to dry. By this evening the bulbs were superficially dry, so they've been placed in net bags and hung up in the shed. They'll be replanted in late October or early November. Most had multiplied well, producing both larger and smaller offsets, so I was quite happy and can look forward to another display of flowers next year.

 'Lac van Rijn' from 1620, one of the oldest extant tulips, from the period of tulipomania.

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