Saturday 30 December 2017

Garden People 2017

Proud 'parent': Bill Baker with Roscoea purpurea f. rubra BBMS 45, his introduction from Nepal in 1992.

Absorbed: Keith Rushforth leads a discussion on Sorbus and other Rosaceae. Hugh McAllister on right.

Jurors: Maurizio Usai confers with other members of a jury panel at Murabilia, Lucca. Rosie Atkins left centre.

Garden visitors: Sue Gray, Ann Fritchley, David Barnes

Author: Bobby Ward, Raleigh, North Carolina

Director: Mark Weathington, with Lagerstroemia fauriei 'Fantasy' at JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh

Botanist: Kris Fenderson, in the Green Swap Reserve, North Carolina...

...teasing a Venus Fly-trap. Seeing Dionaea in the wild was my botanical highlight of the year.

Uber-plantsman: Tony Avent, with new 'urbanite' crevice garden at Juniper Level Botanic Garden, NC

Doyenne: Nancy Goodwin, creator of the garden at Montrose, Hillsborough, NC

Right-hand man: Neil Batty, Operations Manager at the Yorkshire Arboretum, with new Gator

Mentor (and pupil): Ken Burras with JMG, plus Sciadopitys umbellata donated by Ken to the Yorkshire Arboretum 

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