Monday 16 November 2015

A new Curator at Wisley

Matthew Pottage, at Chelsea, May 2015
I'm delighted to report that my friend Matthew Pottage has been appointed Curator of RHS Garden Wisley. It's been an unbroken ascent from student to the top job, which in itself is a tribute to both his qualities and the perception by RHS management of an asset to be nurtured and retained. The plantsmanship he brings has been evident in the areas in his charge for several years, and we can look forward to the garden going from strength to strength under his leadership. Great opportunities are in the pipeline as the new masterplan for the site is unfurled, and Matt is just the person to drive the changes forward. Congratulations - and good luck!


  1. Congratulations! I have seen him on some instructive videos and I appreciated his talent and intelligence. I'm really happy for him and for Wisley.

  2. I met Matthew when we were both students (I was at Hyde Hall) and you could see his potential then. Very grounded, passionate plantsman. Congratulations.


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