Sunday, 7 June 2015

Late-flowering Rhododendron diversity in Ray Wood

Rhodododendron 'Vanessa Pastel'  (Soulbut Group x R. griersonianum), Hybrids involving R. griersonianum are often rather attractive and appear usefully late in the season.

'Damozel' - not a very dainty one... (unnamed x R. griersonianum: possibly not correctly labelled)

'Fabia Roman Pottery'  (R. dichroanthum x R. griersonianum)
The Rhododendron season is slowing down but there are still many species and cultivars in flower in Ray Wood, ranging from big, showy hybrids to diminutive species, including members of genera such as Ledum and Menziesia now subsumed into the greater Rhododendron. Their inclusion may seem surprising but their floral and vegetative morphology fits well within the broad range of Rhododendron variation as well, and their relationship is backed up by genetic evidence.

Rhododendron multiflorum var. purpureum (formerly Menziesia ciliicalyx var. purpurea)

Rhododendron (formerly Ledum) groenlandicum, the aromatically-foliaged 'Labrador Tea'.

Believed to be a hybrid between R. atlanticum and R. luteum - a very delicate and charming deciduous azalea.

Anything but delicate; R. 'Yaye-hiryu', number 39 of Wilson's 50 Kurume azaleas.


  1. R. 'Vanessa Pastel' lovely pastel colour

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