Tuesday 24 February 2015

Farewell to The Patch

Galanthus elwesii 'Margaret Owen'
In November I reported the death of Margaret Owen, whose garden at The Patch, Acton Pigott, Shropshire, was a noted repository of good plants. Thanks to the generosity of her family, and the kindness of a group of her friends, a large number of galanthophiles and other plantspeople were invited to the Patch last Saturday for a final visit and snowdrop lunch. A lot of work had been put in by Chris Sanders and others to remedy the effect of months of neglect, and the garden was looking as good as I've seen it for some years. the snowdrops were at their peak, and showing off just how well they perform in rich Shropshire loam. Although it was generally bright, it was a chilly day, with the occasional sleety squalls that mark all the best snowdrop parties, so it was a relief when we able to file into the barn and take seats for lunch, crammed in along the familiar narrow tables for an excellent meal.

The enjoyment was bittersweet, however, as we all knew it was for the last time - though the memories will live on. We were invited to list five snowdrops we'd like from the collection, which will be sent out in due course - that will be an exciting package!

On the following day the garden was opened to the public for the traditional sale in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and many of the snowdrops were sold off, founding or enriching other collections - and thus gardens move on.

Lots of old friends to talk to and catch up with - most of the 'inner segments' were present.

Part of a lovely group of G. nivalis Sandersii Group 'Woodpeckers', a good growable clone.

The snowdrop for which Margaret will be best remembered, named for her late husband, G. elwesii 'Godfrey Owen', with six outer and inner segments.

Good conversation flowing at the crowded tables in the barn -  about 70 sat down for lunch.

A poignant reminder of Margaret: instructions on how to progress round the garden, in an attempt to stop people treading on her trilliums.

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  1. Waow..wonderfull garden and flower. Thank for your sharing and information. Goodluck


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