Sunday, 20 April 2014

Out and about this week

Native Pulsatilla vulgaris in Gloucestershire - as usual only a few plants were flowering at this site.

Narcissus 'Thalia' at the Yorkshire Arboretum: we put in 3000 bulbs of this last autumn.

With the vistas and paths mown into rapidly growing grass the arboretum looks crisp and kempt, the result of a lot of hard work by my staff and volunteers through the winter.

Male cones of Abies delavayi, Yorkshire Arboretum

Male cones of Abies fabri, Congrove Cottage, South Gloucestershire.

Expanding foliage of Quercus coccinea 'Splendens' at Congrove

An extraordinary sight in an open situation in England: Acacia pravissima in full flower at Congrove (though they have had only one night of frost all winter).

A sumptuous Anemone coronaria 'Bordeaux' in the garden today.

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  1. The narcissus Thalia are really fragrant. I have a soft spot for them as I entered one and won third prize in our flower show!


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