Monday, 7 October 2013

Colesbourne reflections

I was back at Colesbourne last Friday to lead an International Dendrology Society Study Day and late in the afternoon had the fortune to catch the lake at its reflective best - images above. No comment needed, I think. Below are a few scenes from elsewhere in the garden.

It was interesting to see how the herbaceous border looked, 16 months after planting (see post 14 June 2012). 

Drifts of Cyclamen hederifolium planted in 2003 - they have never looked better.

Cercidiphyllum in the evening light.


  1. I love trees and would like to learn more about them but the Society seems rather closed to people like me which seems a pity. I will just have to read more books

    1. Oh this lake looks soooooo peaceful. I want to take a bath in it :D

      Nice shots btw.

  2. Beautiful reflections - and that river of cyclamen too!


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