Wednesday 22 May 2013

Chelsea people: Tuesday

Arriving, mostly.

Taking an order.

'You look divine as you advance, but have you seen yourselves retreating?'

In the Great Pavilion

The Sherwood Forest look? (I must check Philip's tail...)

The Artisan Gardens did not get a second visit.

The besieged designer (Chris Beardshaw)


  1. Thanks, John, for the images of Chelsea for those of us who could not be there.--BJW

  2. ...and for those of us who are thankful we were not there - I went to Chelsea for 43 consecutive years, and two or three other times before and after that long stint - the last in 2006 - on the evidence BBC2 brings me, I am glad I went then, it would not appeal to me now - although the plants would - it may be the BBC2 presentation (and presenters!)

  3. Nice pictures!! I was there too, It was my first time and I really enjoyed it! see you next year!
    Greetings from Madrid,

  4. Love your captions! I hope next year the RHS has also an award for most impractical garden.


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