Thursday, 25 April 2013

Happy Birthday Susan Grimshaw

Galanthus nivalis 'Susan Grimshaw'
My mother, Susan Grimshaw, has a significant birthday today, to commemorate which I have decided to name (with her permission) my favourite snowdrop seedling after her. Galanthus nivalis 'Susan Grimshaw' flowers towards the end of the season and, for G. nivalis, has large flowers with long outer segments that I think are held with particular elegance of poise. They are crisply marked with green lines and the inner segment marking is bold too. Adding further to its quality is the fact that the leaves are more or less prostrate, meaning that the flowers stand up cleanly above the foliage. It seems to be a good doer, and was much admired in my garden at Colesbourne where it was selected (and also when it has appeared anonymously on this blog, e.g. 10 January 2011, 2 March 2011).

Happy Birthday Ma!


  1. How lovely to have a flower named after you, Mrs Grimshaw. Many happy returns!

  2. A wonderful birthday present, I am sure that this lovely snowdrop will appear in many gardens in due course remembering your mother. Happy Birthday Mrs Grimshaw.

  3. I love those green lines on the petals. I thought they were yellow at first. What a thoughtful present.

  4. What a lovely way to be remembered! Birthday greetings to your mum. R

  5. My mother has asked me to thank everyone for their good wishes.


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