Saturday 10 November 2012

Cyclamen persicum Whirlygig
 For the past few weeks I've been enjoying a plant of Cyclamen persicum Whirlygig on my desk. It's larger-flowered, and rather pinker than I normally care for in cyclamen, but it's another plant to which I have a connection. The Whirlygig cyclamen originated with a plant spotted by my former colleague Diony de Bont when he was very active in breeding cyclamen with Kees Sahin in the early 1990s: it had expanded, pale calyx lobes that forced the corolla to open flat.  It was a new break and Diony bred from it to create a stabilised line of such plants, in different colours, in which the best have a well-developed calyx that forms a nice contrast with the bright colour of the corolla. They were first introduced to the trade in 2001 and have had moderate sales as a novelty, so to find them offered for £2.99 in the Malton Morrison's supermarket was a pleasant surprise.

In Whirlygigs the calyx has become petaloid and white, though often shows some streaking with colour, as here.


  1. Bargain! I've had some great plants from Morrisons (including the Malton one). They have links with a very good nursery.

  2. Dear John.
    I absolutely adore Cyclamens, and I wish I could get hold of a Whirlygig, it´s amazingly beautiful. Great photos and interesting story.
    Best regards, Iris.

  3. I feel a coal shovel is needed for this thing!LOL

  4. It's great when your plants 'connect' with friends and old memories. Not sure whether I like it though!


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