Friday 24 February 2012

Another article in the Daily Telegraph

Galanthus 'S. Arnott' and Cyclamen coum yesterday.

Val Bourne has written a piece for Saturday's Daily Telegraph relating how she was introduced to snowdrops by me when I gave her some bulbs during a visit to Primrose Warburg's garden in 1997, and how her interest has developed since. It's a nice article, available online now, but in print in tomorrow's paper. Alongside Val's article is a list of  a 'top ten' places to see snowdrops, headed by a nice picture of the Ice House at Colesbourne Park.

Also present with Val at that lunch party in 1997 were the late Kees Sahin, the most remarkable plantsman I've ever known, and Bill Baker, now Head of Palms at Kew: it was a memorable occasion.

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  1. John, I've read the article and have enjoyed it very much; very taken by the manner in which she treasures those snowdrops with strong personal associations. Such associations outlive the fickle trends of fashion and keep fond memories alive long after our friends have departed. Isn't it wonderful that such a small flower as the snowdrop can do this for us.


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