Wednesday 4 January 2012

This season's crop

John Gray Snowdrops by Anne Cotterill
Nice though it is to receive Christmas cards, there comes a point when they outstay their welcome and the house resumes its normal decoration of cobwebs. The selection of cards depicting snowdrops was slightly less diverse and numerous than last year, but with a similar mixture of charmers and horrors. Here they are, in no particular order.

Cancer Research UK (two of these)

An alternative design from Cancer Research UK

Galanthus nivalis and Crocus tommasinianus, for Avon Bulbs

The John Townsend Foundation

British Red Cross

from Tomoko Miyashita

from WH Smith (the glitter doesn't show)


  1. LOve the Avon bulbs card. Still waiting for the real thing, all I have is shoots.

  2. I too like the Avon Bulb one best. Do you think people seek out snowdrop cards just for you?


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