Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nice - or at least interesting - plants at Chelsea 2011

Primula sikkimensis red form,
with candelabra primulas behind (Kevock Garden Plants)

The yellow form of Stellera chamaejasme,
one of the most challenging of all plants to grow. (Kevock Garden Plants)

Meconopsis punicea (Kevock Garden Plants)
These are a few plants I saw at Chelsea yesterday that I particularly liked AND managed to get a passable image of: light conditions in the Great Pavilion are not great for photography.

Cypripedium reginae (Jacques Amand)

Polygonatum curvistylum 'Wakehurst'
(Harveys Garden Plants)

Briza media 'Golden Bee' (Knoll Gardens)

Disporum smithii 'Rick' (Alpine Garden Society)

Begonia 'Reine de Neige' (Rhodes & Rockcliffe)
Nepenthes hamata  (Borneo Exotics)

Trevesia burckii (Crug Farm Plants) - the hardiest Trevesia, according to Bleddyn.

The extraordinary flower of Lilium 'Doubleen', in which the normal flower parts are replaced by structures intermediate between leaves and perianth segments, forming a wheat-ear effect rather like in the old L. candidum 'Plenum'. Only for the lovers of curiosities! (HW Hyde)

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  1. as usual great photos with marvelous captions


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