Saturday 12 February 2011

The Galanthus Gala 2011

A happy Gala-goer: Steve Owen with a new treasure

Melvyn Jope consults 'the book'
The premier annual snowdrop event, the Galanthus Gala organized by Joe Sharman of Monksilver Nursery, was held today at Banbury School. A few hundred enthusiasts attended, first hearing three short talks, then getting on to what they had really come for: the plant sale. The pictures and video capture the enthusiasm...


  1. John, I am so jealous. Is there some way to hear the three short talks? Overseas galanthophiles would be so happy to be flies on the wall. Carolyn

  2. Dear John,

    It was wonderful to see the enthusastic treasure-hunters going wild:o) :o)

    Would love to go to Colesbourne Park to see snowdrops one day.

    All the best,
    Auntie Green

  3. @Carolyn: Transcripts of the talks presented at the Galanthus Galas over the years are available, but it usually takes a while for the most recent to appear.

  4. John - We've just thawed out enough here on the East Coast to see that some Eranthis are popping up out of the frozen tundra so to speak with this warmer air. Hopefully by week's end, we'll have Hamamelis, Eranthis and some Galanthus to enjoy too!


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