Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A wet day in Maidenhead

Magnolia 'Star Wars' at its best - the buds burst but not blowsy.
I was at my parents' in Maidenhead on Sunday, and although it was an unpleasant wet day their garden was looking nice, with lots of interesting and attractive plants in flower. Here are a few pics.

Self-sown primroses of the sibthorpii persuasion in the front garden.

Recycled hyacinths by the pond

Asarum maximum in the cold greenhouse where it gets very little attention, but obviously thrives on it. 

A fine pot of jonquils, but the label is missing: Narcissus henriquesii, or N. cordubensis, I think.

A melange of plants on the conservatory bench: Impatiens sodenii in the centre.


  1. I think hyacinths are very underrated. You see them a lot in pots for indoors but not often in gardens. Like your parents I plant my spent indoor bulbs out in the garden and they really scent the garden on a sunny day.

  2. This beautifull garden. Thanks and i like it.

  3. The lobed corona and petals that don't overlap suggest that the jonquils are the var. henriquesii.


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