Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas flowers

Christmas Day flowers and foliage: Galanthus elwesii Hiemalis Group, G. plicatus 'Three Ships', Vinca difformis 'Ruby Baker', Cyclamen hederifolium, Narcissus cantabricus, Arabis ferdinandi-coburgii, fruits of Podocarpus nivalis.
I have been south for Christmas, staying with my parents at Maidenhead and being fed by my siblings in Surrey. The weather was pretty gloomy and dank between gales, but on Christmas morning I took a turn round the garden with a notebook to record what was in flower. I've since lost the notebook, but the list was skimpier than in many years (no Crocus, no Cyclamen coum) and the winter-flowering shrubs had few flowers open. Notable were three clones of Iris unguicularis in flower - a typical form, 'Walter Butt' and 'Mary Barnard', and the big clump of Galanthus plicatus 'Three Ships' by the gate.

Galanthus plicatus 'Three Ships'


  1. Hello Mr. Grimshaw,
    and I am very proud of my clump of one 'Three Ships' after two or three years waiting for the flower. But I have hope, that next year there will be maybe two flowers.
    I wish you a happy new year.
    Kind regards

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